Sometimes more is more!

Sometimes more is more!

Why two ovens are better than one?

Cooking and baking have never been so much fun! Today the stars are these two amazing ovens from Miele. On the top, a stylish microwave combination oven and, placed directly underneath, a spacious 76 litre capacity oven. Both integrated and handleless, with enough cooking functions to turn any amateur into a cooking pro in no time…all in great style! This duo is an absolute must-have in any modern kitchen. Miele is a highly respected brand, thoroughly committed to quality, so their ovens aren’t only stylish but also easy to use and made to last. The vertical arrangement suggested here allows for easier internal access and offers a sizeable cooking space, ideal if you are keen on a large capacity oven, but don’t have space required for a free-standing one.

Miele ovens

In show are many interesting features, like Moisture Plus and Taste Control, where clever electronic sensors help you monitor the cooking progress. The first, the high moisture setting, ensures that your meat won’t become dry during roasting, while the second, allows food to cook faster but ensures the contents are cooked to perfection.

A Pyrolytic enamel interior means that the oven is self-cleaning. A quick wipe is all you have to do after use, to ensure it remains fresh and clean. Also, a cooling fan keeps the door and dials cool to touch to prevent accidents, and the double-glazed glass retains heat effectively.

All you need to do now, is get those recipe books off the shelf and start baking.

If you want to know more about these ovens, do pop in at one of our Richmond Kitchen Showrooms, in Kingston or Richmond and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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