Small Kitchen Ideas

A Kitchen doesn’t have to be huge to be great! 

Small Kitchens only need a smart design and great ideas to make them functional and fine-looking. 

Have you been looking for Small Kitchen Ideas?  Well, search no further.  If your actual Kitchen is a far cry from the one from your dreams and lacks the space for a stylish open plan Kitchen-diner, as well as room for a bespoke Kitchen island, a fabulous range cooker and a dining table big enough to accommodate the world and his wife…don’t despair.  The reality is that nowadays, people are more attracted to live in urban areas, and space does come at a premium. Still, if like many of us, you have opted for location over size, we might be able to help.  All is needed is a bit of creativity and good spirits to make the most of what most of us have: a small Kitchen! But small doesn’t have to read cramped or dull.  There are infinite ways to maximise your Kitchen area and make it feel spacious and inviting. Here is a few:

Ingenious and Clever Storage

Wall cabinets can sometimes eat into the space, so why not consider creating a more open feel area by opting for open shelving?

Small kitchen ideas

The secret here is to be considerate by keeping the open shelves organised and being frugal about what you keep on them.  And if you need extra storage, think about boxed-up or integrated tall units, pull-outs and lower cabinets.

Small kitchen ideas

Tall units are available in different heights and provide room for a wide variety of storage forms thanks to special interior divisions, like fixed shelves, tablar shelves and internal pull-outs. A well thought out storage system will make sure that all your Kitchen essentials are well arranged and at easy reach. Moreover, they are equipped with convenient, durable and sturdy mechanisms. Extra-depth pull-outs are available from Leicht. Also, drawers with clever inserts can also make sure that cutlery, the cling film and the spices are kept at perfect order.

Small kitchen ideas

Most importantly, avoid having too many items cluttering the worktops.  Make use of magnetic knife strips, rails to hand Kitchen utensils like pans, mugs and so on.  However, less attractive items like washing-up liquid and chopping boards can be stored away until needed.


Neutral Colours

In small Kitchens, choosing the colour scheme is one of the most important aspects and doing it wisely will avoid making the Kitchen look smaller.  For this reason, we recommend the use of more neutral colour cabinets, such as white, light grey and sand, and no more than three finishes.  That will allow you to define areas and create focal points creatively without compromising on the feeling of spaciousness and light.

Small Kitchen ideas

With some smart earlier planning, you can have a beautiful and highly functional Kitchen.  For instance, integrating appliances into your cabinetry is a good way to keep a compact space looking sleek.

Small kitchen ideas

Here the Bora Professional Revolution 2.0, with integrated extractor, takes centre stage. The wine cooler, in a different material and colour, creates a bit of visual contrast and cleverly completes the look.

Small kitchen ideas

On the opposite side, the built in ovens from the ArtLine M-Touch range from Miele, enhance the streamlined effect by being completely handleless. A light touch of the integrated sensor button is all it takes to open the oven doors.

Small kitchen ideas

Combining different materials is a fantastic way to add interest in a small space without overpowering it.  But be cautious when choosing materials.  Remember that there are certain features you want to accentuate while others you want to neutralise, by carefully letting them blend into the background.

U-Shape Kitchens

The U-Shaped Kitchen is probably the favourite layout for small floor plan designs.  It can provide extra working surface as well as additional storage space. Just ensure that you have at least two metres between the opposite sides for moving around comfortably.

Small kitchen ideas

Preferably, a U-Shaped Kitchen have the benefit of a window.  This window would usually be at the end of the U, which makes it perfect to accommodate a sink looking outside, or at either side, perhaps overlooking into the adjacent area or room.  This would help to bring light into the Kitchen and does make it look more spacious. However, in the lack of a window, LED lights positioned underneath the wall units will no doubt uplift the room and turn the whole area into a vibrant and exciting space.


Islands and Integrated Breakfast Bars

This might not be the right choice for every Kitchen, but if your heart is set on having an island or a peninsula that works as a breakfast bar, there might be a way around it. By opting for a slimline design, you might be able to squeeze in a compact base unit with reduced-depth or have an overhang. It’s important to allow for comfortable leg room too.

Small kitchen ideas

Small kitchen ideas

Needless to say, even a compact breakfast bar, whether being part of an open-plan or separate Kitchen, will offer extra working surface, which in turn will convey into useful and well received space for food preparation. Add that to the aesthetic effect and ‘voila’: you have a small Kitchen that is modern, stylish and comfortable, allowing for all types of culinary adventures to be executed.

If you cannot have an integrated breakfast bar, perhaps a fold-up or a built-in furniture piece could be the answer. Nobilia has a wide selection of dining solutions in a variety of decors to coordinate with your small Kitchen. Such as the base unit with pull-out table or support legs that can be attached directly to the worktop to create a table.

Finally, if what you are looking for is just not available, have something made from scratch. Spekva has a wide range of wood colours and finishes to turn that bespoke feature into a complete head turner. So, get inspired.

Small kitchen ideas

Whichever option you decide to go for, it’s important to have it all planned and incorporated into the Kitchen design ahead of your Kitchen being fitted.  Altering, adding and amending certain features to existing Kitchens could translate into an extra cost and the outcome might not be the same.

Quooker Tap

Small kitchen ideas

Ultimately you might want to consider investing on a Quooker tap.  It would mean time saving, easy and plentiful hot water straight from the tap, in this way replacing the electric kettle and freeing valuable worktop space.

To discuss these ideas further, please come and speak to one of our Kitchen designers in Kingston or Richmond.  We will do our best to turn your Small Kitchen Project into a great success!

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