spring kitchens

Spring Kitchens

Spring Kitchens

A Kitchen as Fresh as a Daisy

Spring is here! Time to open those windows and let the fresh air burst in.  Time to declutter, tide along and fish out those beautiful fruit plates and salad bowls and fill them with all the goodness the season brings.

spring kitchens

Time to invite the friends, arrange fresh flowers, stock up on food and drinks Read more…

Small kitchen ideas

Small Kitchen Ideas

A Kitchen doesn’t have to be huge to be great! 

Small Kitchens only need a smart design and great ideas to make them functional and fine-looking. 

Have you been looking for Small Kitchen Ideas?  Well, search no further.  If your actual Kitchen is a far cry from the one from your dreams and lacks the space for a stylish open plan Kitchen-diner, as well as room for a bespoke Read more…

Kitchen Trends 2018

Kitchen Trends for 2018 – Part One

Kitchen Trends for 2018 – Part One

Trendy Kitchen ideas here to stay

Welcome to our Kitchen Trends for 2018.  We have carefully put together 12 fabulous ideas that will certainly give you great inspiration if you are thinking about getting your Kitchen project on the go. We have innovative materials and finishes, as well as new high-tech home appliances and surprisingly creative storage solutions.  So, keep an open mind and Read more…

Kitchen Trends 2018

Kitchen Trends For 2018 – Part Two

Kitchen Trends for 2018 – Part Two


7.Bora cook top

You might have already heard of this new very innovative Kitchen hob, a very powerful induction cooktop with an effective extractor built in.

Kitchen trend

Bora has developed an attractive cooktop that eliminates the need to have a separate extractor hood above the hob, saving space and giving the go ahead to more daring Read more…

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas: 

Everything has a place, everything in its place

Storing away everyday provisions may seem like a boring and laborious task.  Well, it doesn’t have to be.  With our sophisticated Leicht units, storing away and retrieving supplies will be a stress free affair, and a cluttered kitchen will be a thing of the past.

Modern Classic Kitchen twickenham

With our new functional range Read more…

Planing your dream kitchen

Planning Your Dream Kitchen

Planning Your Dream Kitchen

Planning Your Dream Kitchen:  Your Needs and Wants

When taking on a kitchen project, try to define your priorities and examine the space at your disposal. Here are some points to give you some food for thought when planning that all perfect kitchen.

How do you use your kitchen?

planning your dream kitchen

Modern kitchens are not just for cooking.  Think about Read more…

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