Kitchen Trends 2018

Kitchen Trends For 2018 – Part Two

Kitchen Trends for 2018 – Part Two


7.Bora cook top

You might have already heard of this new very innovative Kitchen hob, a very powerful induction cooktop with an effective extractor built in.

Kitchen trend

Bora has developed an attractive cooktop that eliminates the need to have a separate extractor hood above the hob, saving space and giving the go ahead to more daring Read more…

Bora cooktop extractors

Bora: Clever Cooktop Extractors that Work!

Bora: Clever Cooktop Extractors that Work!

A taste of Bora, leading brand in cooktop extractors, in a fun and exciting training day.

For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, Bora has developed and pioneered the very interesting concept of a surface induction cooktop that is about to revolutionise the way we cook.  It not only offers remarkable cooking potential, but also deals with the unwanted – and unavoidable – greasy Read more…

Bora Extractor Hobs

Bora Extractor Hobs – Bora Basic VS Bora Classic

BORA Extractor Hobs – BORA Basic VS BORA Classic

Which one to choose, BORA Basic or BORA Classic?


We have been asked this question multiple times, so we have decided to write a short article to share our customer’s experience when choosing between the two.

What will be covered in this article?

What will be covered in this article is a comparison between BORA Extractor Hobs both BORA Basic and classic hobs in regards Read more…

Bora Hobs

The patented BORA hobs consists of a cooktop with a cooktop extractor bringing together what belongs together.

bora hobs

Bora Hobs


Bora extractor hob principle

The BORA extractor draws vapors and odors downwards exactly where it should, where they arise – right at the cooktop!

From The Principle Bora has lots of benefits

Simple to install,

Modern Design recognised with the Read more…

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