Bora: Clever Cooktop Extractors that Work!

Bora: Clever Cooktop Extractors that Work!

A taste of Bora, leading brand in cooktop extractors, in a fun and exciting training day.

For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, Bora has developed and pioneered the very interesting concept of a surface induction cooktop that is about to revolutionise the way we cook.  It not only offers remarkable cooking potential, but also deals with the unwanted – and unavoidable – greasy vapours and odours released during cooking time. It has a power extractor element that, either by a filtering or ducting system, will disperse those nasty smells keeping the kitchen fresh and free of cooking smells.

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At Richmond Kitchens, we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest patented advances in terms of kitchen appliances, as well as innovative ideas that enable creative design possibilities.  As such, we embrace most enthusiastically amazing creations like the Bora cooktop extractors, as they promote simplicity, versatility and good looks!

Therefore, when the opportunity to have a proper training day with Bora presented itself, we didn’t hesitate for a second.  The perfect chance to step back from our daily chores and really get sucked into an exciting new idea, that being “the complete absence of an extractor hood over a cooking surface”.  Well, surely yes.  Specially in aesthetic terms…but…can it really work in practical terms?

On the day in question, a gloomy winter one, we were all gathered in our beautiful kitchen Showroom in Kingston Upon Thames, feeling totally overwhelmed, yet slightly hesitant, about our workshop with Bora. Little did we know that we were in for a tasty treat. And what had started as an ordinary working day, quickly turned into a cosy, informal and very productive experience.

Bora Cooktop Extractors

Bora is a company that prides itself in investing heavy on products that enrich and improve people’s everyday lives.  As such, Bora’s strong views promote “the end of the extractor hood” in the kitchen, and is unapologetic about it.  In pursuit of this, Bora has worked painstakingly and relentlessly to create, develop – and deliver – state-of-the-art products that are in line with their innovative views.

The clever concept and the determination of Bora paid off and history has been made.  Bora has singlehandedly revolutionised the design and function of cooktops.  By combining an attractive cooktop with a vigorous extractor, Bora has created a highly effective all-in-one unit.  With their beautiful range of cooktop extractor systems, Bora has gained ground day by day, offering more freedom, enhanced functions and extraordinary design options to customers all over the world.

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Experienced Bora rep Hilary, took us through an exciting journey, helping us to uncover the ins and out of these fantastic products, from original concept to different model options and installation process, deepening our understanding and interest, as well as enticing us with all the cooking possibilities.

Bora Cooktop Extractors

Cooking vapours and odours are no match for Bora – it sucks it away precisely where they arise, directly at the cooktop.  We had the opportunity to see it at first-hand the extraction of the vapours straight from the frying pan.  It was like magic!


Bora cooktop extractors

The skilful Hilary measured no expenses, and produced a Steak Sandwich that left us licking our fingers.  It was the perfect finale to an already great day.  And I can promise you, it tasted just as good as it looks.

bora cooktop extractors


To learn more about Bora products, please visit our website or pop into our Kingston Showroom, where we will be happy to let you see the magic for yourself.


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