Stainless steel sinks

Franke stainless steel sinks are made from premium quality chrome nickel steel, which looks stunningly beautiful, is highly resistant to staining, rust and corrosion – plus it won’t chip, craze, flake or break.

It’s the most popular material – and for good reason: Stainless steel has a timeless quality that sits beautifully in a traditional or contemporary style kitchen, offering stunning good looks and a durability that helps keep it looking at its best for years.

Franke offers sinks in a selection of stainless steel finishes, so whether you prefer the more reflective qualities of a polished finish or the more subtle look of silk or brushed finishes, which give a more matt sheen, there is a stainless steel solution for you.
Cleaning Tips
Discolouration and most marks on stainless steel are caused by water-borne deposits clinging to its surface. They are always the result of an outside source rather than coming from the steel itself. Such stains are often seen as a “rainbow-effect” and can be avoided completely by removing wet cleaning aids (cloths, containers etc.) from the sink after use so as to avoid watermarking and rust stains.

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