Kitchen Ideas 2019

Kitchen Ideas 2019

Trends that are here to stay

Here we share with you some of our favourite ideas to help you create your perfect kitchen.  Renovating a kitchen is undoubtedly the best way to increase the value of your property, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. At Richmond Kitchens we always explore different and new designs, finishes, colour combinations, storage solutions, lighting and the latest appliances. While designing and fitting many kitchens, we’ve come across trends that we believe are worth looking into, as they bring practicality and will certainly enhance the overall look of your kitchen. So, without any further ado, we invite you to feel inspired, get creative and get your project started!

Kitchen Trends 2019


We are big fans of kitchen islands. They are a great way to add extra storage, more preparation surface and you can always use them to tag on some extra seating. But practicalities aside, they also give you the opportunity to be bolder in the finish or colour you choose, or perhaps allow you to choose a more expensive worktop material that you wouldn’t have dared to use for the whole kitchen. To see more about worktop options, see here.

Leicht Carbon Grey and Concrete Kitchen, Richmond


One of the more modern trends that we have seen in recent years has been a shift to handleless kitchen doors. They blend in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen, creating a sleek and fresh look, promoting an ultra-modern style. Anyone who wants to upgrade their kitchen and wants a cutting-edge design should consider implementing handleless doors into the mix.

Stoneham Shaker-style Blue Kitchen, East Sheen

Shaker style

The shaker style has definitely made a big comeback. The desire for longevity, as well as quality and craftsmanship, becomes evident as customers are more and more appreciative of the work that goes into making a great kitchen. The new shaker style is about taking the classic traditional look and combining it with modern functionality, like innovative storage solutions and easy accessibility to maximise the use of space. In a nutshell, shaker style is about simplicity, functionality and long-lasting qualities. Shaker style kitchens are also versatile and look great in both traditional and contemporary spaces. They can be used with a neutral colour palette or accentuated with an eye-catching shade that really pops. Finally, a great choice if you want a kitchen design that will withstand fast-moving trends.

leicht kitchen carbon grey

Open-plan living

If you’re a fan of open-plan living and home entertaining, whether it’s regular dinner parties, barbeques or just casual get-togethers, your kitchen needs to provide the right kind of functionality for you to pull off everyday life as well as a successful social gathering. Not only should your kitchen provide the space you need to prepare and cook while giving sufficient storage, but you also want it to be stylish. A place where you can cook and serve food, plus, a place where people want to gather and keep you company. Ultimately, a successful open-plan kitchen has many zones that work together, but also independently. The right planning and design will make sure that you are creating a multi-functional space where people can come together, cook, eat, live and feel at home.

Focal point appliances

What better to attract attention to your kitchen than with a focal point appliance, such as a fancy fridge-freezer, a posh wine cooler or an outstanding cooking hob? Every kitchen must have something catchy. Something that draws your attention. Here, a Bora cooktop embraces most enthusiastically the idea of easiness, versatility and good looks! The complete absence of an extractor hood over a cooking hob means that, for instance, positioning the hob in the centre of an island or directly under a skylight can work not only in practical terms, but aesthetically too. A Bora cooktop is continually gaining popularity. Combining a cooktop and an extractor all in one piece, means that unwanted greasy vapours and odours released during cooking time can now be extracted by a powerful filtering or ducting system, sucking it away precisely where they arise, that is, at the cooktop.

Strong trends like these are interesting to report and share, as they are reflectors and contributors to the way people live and, gradually, they bring changes. Some see a kitchen, we see a place where life happens and, in such terms, the possibilities are endless. To find more about ongoing kitchen trends, please visit our website or pop in for a chat to one of our Showrooms in Richmond or Kingston.

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