TIME IS PRECIOUS – Minerva Boiling Water Tap Instant Boiling Water Hot, cold and boiling water at your fingertips from the same tap. Safe for Everyone A built-in safety button prevents accidental boiling water activation. Kitchen Convenience The Minerva tap can be fitted either new or retrospectively without the loss of cabinet space. With kitchen design playing a key role in home improvement, the future of the kitchen has arrived with the introduction of boiling water taps. The Franke Minerva Boiling Water Tap offers hot, cold and instant boiling water to save time, energy and water in one stylish, convenient and space-saving unit. Homeowners can now cook vegetables, create pasta dishes and make tea quicker than ever before with time spent on basic kitchen preparation now eliminated by the delivery of 100°c boiling water at point of use instantly. One of the many benefits of instant boiling water is that it is much more energy efficient than a kettle by ensuring only the water required is used, greatly reducing waste and creating savings in water and electricity.