Fragranite Sinks

Following extensive testing and development, new Fragranite tackles the humble cleaning problem associated with composite sinks. The revolutionary new Fragranite+ technology is now available on all Franke Fragranite and SilkSheen Fragranite sinks, which now enjoy ultra-smooth surfaces that are exceptionally easy to keep clean.
Fragranite treated with Sanitized® reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99%, giving the sink lasting protection.
Knives and forks won’t scratch the surface.
Fragranite is resistant to impact and thermal shock.
The surface colour will not stain or mark and thanks to the silky smooth SilkSheen it is very easy to clean.
The surface colour will not fade throughout the lifetime of the product.
Fragranite surfaces will not be affected by heat up to 280 ̊C.
Available in a range of styles and colours to suit your taste.
As with all Franke sinks, the Fragranite range comes with a 50 year guarantee.
The granite particles bonded together during manufacture are now smaller, creating a smoother, flatter surface, reducing the chances for limescale to build up. It is also far more difficult for residue, food particles and bacteria to accumulate in between the granules, which greatly improves hygiene.
Tested against leading competitors, DuraKleen® Plus comes up trumps on stain resistance. Even after being left to sit on the sink for 18 hours, the toughest stains like beetroot, permanent marker, red wine and Iodine can simply be wiped clean away.

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