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Choosing Your Kitchen Worktop

Choosing your Kitchen Worktop

With so many offers on the market today, choosing the right Kitchen worktop might seem as an almost impossible task. Here, we explore some of the most popular, providing you with information about their composition, porosity and looks.


Neolith is a compact surface made of 100% all-natural materials cured at 2191 Fahrenheit and compressed at 5900 pounds per square inch. Neolith is stain and scratch Read more…

Hardworking Worktops

Hardworking Worktops

Scratching the Surface

As well as finding the right style of cabinetry, layout, electric appliances and storage preferences for your Kitchen, you have to think about what the worktop you will be going for. Worktops are not meant to be just functional, they are there also to bring beauty and are an opportunity to create a real focal point.

There’s a huge variety in the current market, from natural stones Read more…

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